Historic Win for Kratom Advocates

Historic Win for Kratom Advocates

Posted by AKA on Apr 6th 2022

Great News out of Nevada:

The Nevada Board of Pharmacy has decided to pull the hearing on kratom from their agenda after a torrent of comments from the kratom community, and legal measures pursued by the AKA to question their processes.

This is a tremendous victory for kratom protection in Nevada and across America.

The BOP in Nevada can't bring it back for scheduling consideration this year, and the AKA will closely monitor the situation for future bans as obviously kratom's opponents are still active.

Thank you to everyone who commented and was planning on coming to Vegas. We will not be holding the events on the 13th and 14th in Vegas now since the public hearing has been called off.

The response from the kratom community has been tremendous and really made the difference. There are still BOP staff who oppose kratom legality, but the outpouring from the AKA legislative team and kratom protectors made them change their mind on proceeding with trying to criminalize kratom.

Although this means changing plans for next week for all those planning on attending the events, this is ultimately a huge victory (and many may still want to go to Las Vegas next week to celebrate.)

See Original Notice with kratom under item D, and now new Public Hearing Notice
New Agenda BOP without Kratom Hearing Listed
Additionally, great news out of Tennessee: Chairman of the Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee has decided he will not support the amendment to his bill, SB 1997, that would ban kratom. Senator Bell has advised that no testimony will be needed from advocates given his decision.

The Tennessee House bill to ban kratom remains alive, but will not be subject to any action today. It is currently held pending a review of the costs of enforcing the ban, and the economic impacts on the state of Tennessee.

Colorado Senate Passes KCPA

The AKA legislative team and Colorado kratom community has been working extremely hard over several years in Colorado to pass a very strong and consumer focused Kratom Consumer Protection Act. So we're incredibly encouraged to have it pass the Senate today 32-2.

The bill will now go to the Colorado House for consideration. Thank you to all kratom advocates who have worked hard to support this legislation, and the AKA is committed to keep working towards passage in the House and signature by the Governor.