Stopping Kratom Consumer Criminalization

Stopping Kratom Consumer Criminalization

Posted by AKA on May 10th 2022

Where we are & what's next in 2022AKA

At the end of 2021 the WHO ECDD had released their findings that kratom didn't warrant even a "critical review", let alone banning. However since the start of 2022, America has seen an alarming rate of attempts to criminalize kratom consumers in states. New Jersey, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia and Washington State all had legislative bans proposed this year.

We even faced an attempt by Board of Pharmacy bureaucrats in Nevada to circumvent the state legislature and criminalize kratom.

Yet with your support and advocacy, no new bans were passed and the Board of Pharmacy withdrew their ban notice (the Louisiana legislature is still in session and considering a ban.)

A new ban in any state is a threat to kratom in your state! State bans make kratom consumers criminals, and that's something we can't allow to happen.

Elected officials in all states are incredibly influenced by how other states regulate and handle kratom, so even if you don't live in a state with a proposed ban, all of it is connected, and one new ban now will lead to more later.

Already this year we've had to allocate a tremendous amount of time, energy, and donation dollars stopping these bans. Although we're thrilled at how we've come together as a community prevent kratom bans, it is terrifying how much it has taken to stop them.

We have to have continued support to be ready to address future bans, and do what we want most: pass Kratom Consumer Protect Acts and overturn bans in Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Alabama, Arkansas, and Indiana! We're incredibly close to overturning bans in Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Vermont, but we need your help to get us over the line and make progress in Alabama, Arkansas, and Indiana.

We want an America where no state makes you a criminal for having kratom, but we need your donations today for kratom protection tomorrow and forever! These upcoming months are incredibly important for us to do work in banned states and pass Kratom Consumer Protection Acts in your state by demonstrating to legislatures and officials how the true science of kratom proves 2016 era bans were wrong then, and are embarrassingly wrong now!

Where kratom consumers are still criminalized

Although the AKA has helped stop dozens of attempted state bans, six states still criminalize kratom consumers. All came during the 2016 FDA push to Federally ban kratom:




Rhode Island



Help Overturn The Ban Here: