Two more States make Kratom History

Two more States make Kratom History

Posted by AKA on May 16th 2022

Despite an onslaught of anti-kratom attacks, last week the Colorado and Missouri Kratom Consumer Protection Acts (KCPA) were approved by their state legislators. At present, we expect both Governors will sign the legislation.

With the passage earlier this year by Oregon, Colorado and Missouri become the 7th and 8th states to pass the KCPA. This is a momentous moment for all kratom protectors! Already in 2022 working together we have defeated numerous state kratom ban attempts, and now passed three more crucial pieces of consumer protection legislation.

With your donations and grassroots support, the AKA is still actively working to pass KCPA in numerous states: including Kansas, Rhode Island, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

There are interim committee or other types of reviews ongoing in Washington, Hawaii, South Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Vermont, Connecticut, Texas, New Hampshire, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Florida.

Thanks to everyone who has provided magnificent support to allow for the AKA’s efforts to continue this fight to keep pure and safe kratom legal and accessible to American consumers.

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