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Our Kings Bounty Kratom is an extremely potent blend of our top-rated Kratom strains, including Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, White Thai, White Sumatra, Yellow Vietnam, Yellow Indo, Gold Bali, and Gold Reserve.  It is well-known among veteran Kratom users that mixing different strains and colors leads to a more powerful and balanced experience. In-fact, most long-time Kratom users mix strains to improve their experience and to avoid tolerance.

Indeed, there is something called 'stagnant strain syndrome', where if someone takes the same strain over and over then it will lose its magic. The cure for 'stagnant strain syndrome', and the solution to high tolerance, is to blend as many high quality Kratom strains as possible. This is why we have endeavored to create the ultimate Kratom mix, via blending all of our most exotic and potent strains.

Therefore, if you feel like your daily Kratom experience is becoming dull and losing it's magic, then this is the strain for you. This blend of Kratom is guaranteed to eliminate any tolerance and create an amazing experience with every dose, since it has the combined alkaloids and benefits of Red, Green, White, Yellow, and Gold Kratom.

On a final note, our Kings Bounty Kratom has been tested in a state of the art laboratory, and utmost care was used when shipping and processing this Kratom. Lab tests confirm that this Kratom is 100% pure and organic, contains zero adulterants or contaminants, and is highly potent.

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    Kings Bounty

    Posted by Terry Jernigan on Oct 20th 2022

    This is an awesome product that you can't find anywhere else but here as it is a really brilliant creation of Royal Organics. It provides a really fun experience that's well balanced due to the number of strains in the mix. It's great to have on hand for a really different experience. I highly recommend it. TeeJay

  • 5
    Excellent balance

    Posted by Robert on Jul 1st 2022

    The balance of this is phenomenal. If you're looking for something that has a mild effects but great feeling this is the best one in my opinion.