Royal Green Extract Enhanced

Royal Green Extract Enhanced

Green Bali powder with 50x1 Kratom Extract added for a more potent strain. (STRONG).

We do not ship Kratom to the States of Alabama, Indiana, Vermont, Wisconsin, Arkansas due to legislation which prohibits the sale of Mitragyna Speciosa.  All Though Kratom is not necessarily 'illegal' in the United States in certain states/counties, see Legality Map here: it is not approved for human consumption by the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Knights Armor (STRONG)

    Knights Armor (STRONG)

    Knights Armor is the strongest most potent custom blend we offer. Green Dragon, White Dragon, Gold Reserve and then Enhanced with a very Generous Portion of 50x1 Full Spectrum Extract. You won't find this anywhere else, this is the Royal Difference...
  • Royal White Enhanced

    Royal White Enhanced

    Royal White is our personal blend of White MeangDa and White Borneo then Enhanced with 50:1 Extract. Our Royal White has a much higher potency over others strains with a balanced and mildly stimulating aroma. This is...
  • Royal Green Enhanced

    Royal Green Enhanced

    Royal Green is our personal blend of Green MeangDa and Green Malayasian then Enhanced with 50x1 Full Spectrum Extract. Our Royal Green has a much higher potency over others strains with a balanced and stimulating...
  • Royal Red Enhanced

    Royal Red Enhanced

    Royal Red is our personal blend of Red MeangDa and Red Bali and then Enhanced with 50:1 MeangDa Extract. Our Royal has a much higher potency over others strains with a relaxing numbing aroma. This is the Royal...